Monday, August 16, 2010

... in the beautiful Comox Valley

Unique Cob-Straw Bale Studio/Cottage & Shared Land
  •  Five wooded acres of a 60 acre rural homestead in Agricultural Land Reserve. 
  • Located in Dove Creek, 4 miles from Courtenay in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island
  • The cob-straw bale studio/cottage has six rooms, is approximately 1500 sq ft, is totally non-toxic and extremely energy efficient. It includes:
          - a south-facing greenhouse, 
          - composting toilet, 
          -super energy-saving insulation,
          - passive wetland treatment of greywater,
          - wood heat with electric back up, 
          - and other sustainable technology features.
  • Designed and built in 1996 by renowned natural builder and architect Elke Cole of Cobworks. Finish plastering was added in 2004 and creatively updated by the Mudgirls Collective in 2010. There are still various parts that need finishing touches but the place is welcoming and cozy. 
  • This unique structure is classified by Regional District zoning as a "detached residential accessory building." Also commonly referred to as a "guest cottage." 
    • Because cob / straw bale is not in the region's building code, a building permit could not be issued. So in 2003 the Regional District instead registered a "notice of non-conforming use" on the land title. This informs any purchaser that the building was not approved by the building code, and that the Regional District is relieved of any legal liability. 
    • The ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) Commission has approved the building for use as a "demonstration of alternate and sustainable building techniques."


    • Purchasers will be put on title, with 1/12 undivided interest, ownership in fee-simple, and tenants-in-common. (5 acres out of the 60 acre parcel)
    • The 60 acres are shared by 2 owners at present. We have owned this land for 30 + years, and in the past there have been as many as five shareholders, so buying and selling portions of the title is very straight forward. 


                  Email:   Phone: 250-334-2375

          above photo:  experienced natural builders beautifying exterior cob wall,  summer 2010